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AJC Mobile Motor Services specialises in all motor vehicle services as a highly qualified technician with nine years Jaguar experience.shrewsbury ajc shrewsbury recovery ajc mobile motor services shrewsbury cheap ashley cheadle local motor services ajc shresbury shrewsbury motor services shrewsbury ajc motor services Type A service

+ parts. typical cost £75 (inc. written service report)
A full vehicle check performed: Lights, suspension, disc brakes, engine and engine systems, all under bonnet levels replenished. (brake fluid, coolant, PAS-power assisted steering, screen wash). Oil changed, oil filter changed, tyre pressure and tyre depth checked, screen wipers, washers, seat belts checked and service book endorsed.
  Type B service

+ parts. typical cost £159 (inc. written service report)
All A type vehicle checks performed, in addition to the following: all brake drums stripped and inspected (if fitted), wheel bearings re-set (if adjustable), air filter changed, plug change, pollen filter changed (if fitted).
Cost of type B service may increase due to the use of platinum tipped spark plugs. Coolant, cam belt and brake fluid changes extra.
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